Afroeuro Foundation


Trade and Investment

In our unwavering commitment to global development, AfroEuro Foundation places a strong emphasis on enhancing trade and investment as the linchpin of progress in Africa.

We firmly believe that the private sector serves as a vital engine for growth across the continent. Acknowledging that Africa’s development transcends traditional aid models, which have often fallen short of sustainable outcomes, we are dedicated to catalyzing meaningful change.

Our initiatives in the realm of trade and investment encompass a spectrum of activities, including research, workshops, and network building. We strive to bridge the gap between African diaspora networks and professionals and their countries of origin. Over the years, we have pursued the following endeavors:

Netherlands – Ghana Business Fair: This event is purposefully designed to cultivate a dynamic environment that attracts investors, entrepreneurs, and buyers to Ghana. It serves as a catalyst for cooperation and the strengthening of Dutch-Ghanaian relations in critical areas such as digitalization, healthcare, economy, and education. The fair offers a platform to showcase and promote business and investment opportunities in Ghana.

Innovative Collaboration Platform: We endeavor to create innovative platforms that foster collaboration between Ghanaian and Dutch businesses, enterprises, and technologies. Through these collaborative efforts, we aim to facilitate the exchange of products, services, and ideas, driving economic growth and mutual understanding.

Youth Entrepreneurship & Innovation Award Transformational Award: Recognizing the pivotal role of youth in challenging the status quo and driving entrepreneurship and innovation, we have established the Youth Entrepreneurship & Innovation Award Transformational Award. This initiative encourages young individuals to participate in essay and business competitions, allowing them to articulate their vision and perspectives on key issues that impact Africa’s development.

At AfroEuro Foundation, we are dedicated to forging new pathways for sustainable development in Africa, empowering individuals and communities to prosper and innovate on a global scale.