Afroeuro Foundation

About Us

Mission and Vision


Our mission is to drive transformative and sustainable changes in key areas such as health, education, trade, and investment, all for the betterment of the African continent. Our strategy encompasses four core pillars.


  1. Empowering African Diaspora Professionals: We focus on enhancing the capabilities of African diaspora professionals and fostering robust networks for engagement and development. By bridging the capacity gaps between the global North and South, we aim to create a more equitable landscape for collaboration.
  2. Facilitating Opportunities: We actively facilitate opportunities through expert meetings, forums, remittance-based investments, and knowledge sharing. These initiatives are designed to empower individuals and communities, fostering a spirit of growth and prosperity.
  3. Influencing Policy for Impact: We advocate for policy changes that strengthen the nexus between migration, health, and development. Our goal is to create an environment where policies actively contribute to the well-being of African communities.
  4. Building Inclusive Platforms: We are dedicated to creating inclusive platforms for dialogue and effective participation of Africans within Dutch society. By promoting cultural exchange and understanding, we foster stronger bonds and cooperation between diverse communities. 


Our vision transcends borders, envisioning a world where the African Diaspora is empowered, transformed, and actively engaged as influential development actors, driving meaningful progress both within their homelands and on the global stage.