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Role of Diaspora

In a world where people in the diaspora maintain deep bonds with both their countries of origin and their adopted homes, their potential as catalysts for global development is substantial. Their profound knowledge, cultural connections, and unwavering commitment position them as invaluable agents of progress.

Moreover, their capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship presents an opportunity for transformative change. At AfroEuro Foundation, our mission is to harness this remarkable potential for the advancement of Africa, aligning with our renewed global focus.


Our ultimate goal is to optimize the synergies between migration and development. With over two decades of experience, AfroEuro Foundation has been at the forefront of developing and implementing initiatives that foster a meaningful connection between the diaspora and their countries of origin. Through a holistic approach that includes capacity building, forums, policy advocacy, and platform development, we champion a multi-stakeholder, consultative, and participatory strategy. Our aim is to translate the initial interest in diaspora engagement into tangible, sustainable actions that drive positive change worldwide.