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Who We Are

AfroEuro Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization established in 2003. The organization seeks to build a positive image for African diaspora in Europe and mobilize the capacity and resources of African diasporans for economic development in Africa. With “Building Bridges” as its motto, AfroEuro builds and facilitates understanding and learnings between developed economies and Africa. AfroEuro subscribes to the NEPAD principles and works in collaboration with African diaspora professionals and networks, governments, and youth towards Africa’s participation in global health, economy, commerce and trade. We also bridge the gap between the African diasporans and their host countries in Europe by promoting policy influence, empowerment, education, capacity building and knowledge and transfer.

Many people in the diaspora hold a strong sense of loyalty to both their home nation and the one in which they live and work. They can be good development agents due to their knowledge, cultural affinities, and strong commitment. They can also be a source of innovation and entrepreneurship, so part of our mission is working to mobilize this potential for the development of Africa. Maximizing the linkages between migration and development is our ultimate goal.  AfroEuro Foundation has more than 20 years of experience, developing and implementing programs that connect diaspora to their places of origin. Through our strategies of capacity building, forums, policy and advocacy, platform development, we employ a multi-stakeholder, consultative, and participatory strategy to translate interest in diaspora participation into actual, sustainable action.


2023 Report

What We Do

Knowledge Center

Our four focus areas of work are education, health, trade & investment and culture and tourism. Our capacity building, conferences, policy dialogue and business events are aimed at promoting developments in these four areas.


Students with a refugee or migrant background often face difficulties in adjusting to a new country or learning environment. Even children born in the Netherlands form parents of migrant background face challenges in the pursuit of education. Besides providing supervision to children and youth in their studies, Afroeuro works in the following areas:

  • Language assessment and the integration of newly arrived migrants through education
  • Supporting newly arrived migrants in the assessment of their previous education and alignment with Dutch qualifications
  • Promotinge intercultural dialogue as a tool to ensure an effective participation of refugees and asylum-seekers in the Dutch educational settings
  • Working with parents and instructors to address challenges of migrant students and pupils, with limited understanding of the Dutch language

Initiatives: Homework Support | Feel at Home | Migration Issues | Education for All (EN | NL) | Youth Project | Learn4Work Campaign

We believe health is an important component to building a wealthy and prosperous nation because healthy people have the ability to contribute meaningfully to their own progress and that of the larger society. AfroEuro mobilizes African diaspora health professionals to addressing the health challenges of Africans in the Netherlands and in their countries of origins. To help ensure continuity in health policy in Africa and an enabling environment for innovations, we work to mobilize African diasporans to support capacity building of local institutions and engage public and private institutions to formulate policies and implement initiatives for equitable access to health care.  We provide technical assistance to organisations, institutions and people in these areas:

  • Strengthen capacity of local and national institutions for better health policy formulation, dissemination and implementation
  • Faciliate the adoption and scaling of innovations for better access and impact.
  • Improve health seeking behaviour across all segments of the populations for high disease burden and conditions, including non-communicable diseases, HIV/AIDS, malaria and mother and child health care.
  • Enhance the overall performance in healthcare effectiveness and monitor and evaluate capacity development of healthcare initiatives

Initiatives: 2022 Health Summit  | NHI for Ghanaian migrants

We aim at enhancing trade and investment as the bedrock to development in Africa. We believe that private sector is an important engine for growth in Africa.  Africa’s development and progress go beyond aid, which for decades has not led to sustainable development. Our activities in trade and investment include research, workshops and network building, linking African diaspora networks and professionals to their country of origin. Over the years, we have been pursuing the following activities:

  • The Netherlands – Ghana Business Fair: The event is aimed at supporting a vibrant environment for to attracting investors, entrepreneurs and buyers to Ghana. This event facilitates cooperation and strengthen Dutch and Ghanaian relations in areas such as digitalization, health, economy and education. It Showcase and promote business and investments opportunities in Ghana.
  • Create innovative platform for collaborations on opportunities between Ghanaian and Dutch businesses, enterprises and technologies .
  • Exhibit products and service whilst exchanging information and ideas.

Build coalitions of youth for a paradigm that challenges the status quo and drives entrepreneurship and innovations. With the Youth Entrepreneurship & Innovation Award Transformational Award, we encourage the youth to enter into essay and business competitions, articulating their vision and perspectives on key issues affecting Africa’s development.

Initiative: Netherlands-Ghana Business Fair  (2022 Report)

Tourism is recognized is increasing becoming an important industry in sub-Saharan Africa and one of the most significant sources of employment. Tourism is also significant event that draws thousands of tourists to not only understand cultural heritage of Africa. Over the years, Afroeuro has organised the Royal African Durbar, celebrating the diversity of African culture and bringing people together.. Afro-Euro is committed to tourism development that creates a positive experience for local people, local businesses, and tourists themselves in Africa:

  • We promote policies and programs focused on improving the quality of life for local residents without compromising the future well-being of the people in Africa.
  • We organize Royal African Durbar in The Hague to celebrate African culture with dance, arts, poetry and cuisine. The durbar aims to pomote the following goals:
    • Strengthen the cultural experiences of various communities within the municipality
    • Promote youth empowerment, engagement and education
    • Business promotion of African entrepreneurship and products

Initiative: Royal Durbar & Festivals | Food Programs


Do you want to make a positive contribution to the world of tomorrow as an entrepreneur or business partner? Join our upcoming event on the Netherlands – Ghana Business Fair. (