Afroeuro Foundation

Report on the International Policy Conference

Summary report on the international policy conference on the global financial crisis and migrant remittances. March 21 2009, Geldmuseum – Utrecht

Ghana-Netherlands: Migration and Development Programme

AfroEuro Foundation is a media and development organisation created as a forum for African migrants in the European Union.

Awareness Raising and Engagement of Migrants in Local Community Development

Annual Activity Report Sept 2008 – Dec 2009

Workshop Remittances and Development: The Role of the African Migrant Community

Working Groups discussed impact, collective remittances, the corporate sector and the enhancement of remittance flow, issues of exchange rates, money transfer costs and export market for goods from developing countries and investing in country of origin.

Gender & Remittances

Contribution of Ghanaian women and men in remittance and their role in community development in country of origin