In view of the ever changing reality of society and the inter-relationships that now exists amongst people of various cultures and background living and working in Europe.

In view of the need to create an identity and therefore a positive self-image for people of African origin and people of other race, who love and identify with Africa and thereby creating an environment for positive self-esteem and accomplishment,

In view of the need to create a common platform for dialogue and understanding between peoples of African origin and their new nations here in Europe and the vital need to integrate in their new community and thereby better obtain opportunities for their own development and self-improvement, And in view of the need to create such a forum here in The Netherlands and eventually in other parts of Europe, is hereby created the Stichting Afro Euro.


AfroEuro Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation established in 2003. The organisation seeks to identify and build a positive image for African-European migrants living and working within Europe. It operates in both Netherlands and Ghana. The Headquarter is in The Hague.

The organisation stand by the motto, “It’s possible” and “Building Bridges”. Our believe is that it’s possible for African migrants and other nationals, irrespective of their social class or economic background, can develop an adequate social capital and network if they work hard and develop a good social network.

We believe it is possible to achieve goals and opportunities made available for migrants to develop their creative talents and potentials. Also, we believe that it’s important to build the bridge the gap that exists between the north and the south to facilitate economic development process..


The objective of the organisation are:

1. To build the capacity of migrants in the Diaspora through mobilisation, sensitizations and promotional programmes to bridge existing gap between the North and the South.

2. To create a common platform for dialogue and a mutual understanding between African migrants’ communities and other nationals within Europe.

3. To create business opportunities for Migrants while facilitating their integration in host nations and re-integration in countries of origin.


As an organisation, our mission is to create a forum for inter-cultural exchange between people of African origin and their host nations in the spirit of promoting the identity of African – Europeans.

Our primary goal is to encourage and promote black students, youths, black professionals, artists, politicians among many others, to be involved in the community where they live in, and to be responsible citizens in taking vital but also challenging roles in all areas of life, be it business, economic or even politics.


The organisation works in collaboration with community workers, interested citizens, students, government officials and AfroEuro national representatives in the third world through the AfroEuro Development Partnership. The partnership includes business people, research students, politicians and basically everyone living any where and interested in the development of the third world and the alleviation of hunger and disease. As the world is moving on a fast pace in globalisation, the partnership seek to stimulate poorer communities towards greater participation in global commerce and trade.

The partnership makes adequate use of the ideals of NEPAD in building peace and the support of development efforts to be reality in the lives of people in the third world. NEPAD, the mechanism for stimulating development efforts geared towards the African continent shall form a great reference point for the partnership. The major aim of the partnership is bridging the gap between the developed and the less developed countries, especially in the field of education. Capacity-building, empowerment and investment is the main focus of the partnership.

The partnership is not be limited only to the dual projects of Public Governance and the Aids Project. It is also responsible for formulating other development programs, such as the encouragement and support of investment by blacks and black- owned companies. Organisation of business conferences and dinner, Support for the scholarship fund, loan provision to young entrepreneurs wishing to invest in the third world or to invest on a project or business relating to blacks anywhere else in the world.

Membership of the partnership is on invitation by the President and Chairman by recommendation of the board of directors and it is on ad hoc basis. Personal applications from members of the public and interested parties is also considered.


African / Caribbean and Asian community in Europe and in other countries, living in the Diaspora and having little means and medium for identity and representation. The organisation acts as a medium of belonging ,identity, and self worth to people from the third world no matter where they live.

Africans/Caribbean and Asians back home is the greatest priority, as forms of fund-raising and other projects are geared towards helping the poor, destitute and the many people, persecuted because of their religion, political affiliation, language etc. The organisation is the voice of justice and legal aid to those denied justice in these countries, in other words stimulating principles of good governance, social awareness and participation in public life.

The AfroEuro Public Governance Project is created to stimulate and empower local citizens, youths, students and political leaders through the organisation of training seminars, role plays, films, etc, to greater and more responsible role in public life.

Hunger, diseases, and the spread of aids have a common origins-poverty and ignorance. The problem of the third world, however, is not simply that. It includes the lack of technological know, without which, especially the African continent is not able to keep pace with rapid advancement of technology and science. Unfair trade practices, corruption and embezzlement of public funds go a long way to stifle the pace of development and increase poverty. The organisation encourages the growth of small and medium sized enterprises in order to stimulate personal and private investment. The AfroEuro Aids Project seek to educate people on the presence, spread and prevention of aids, the rapid spread which is destroying valuable man-power and the economy of many countries in the third world.