AfroEuro Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization established in 2003. The organization seeks to build a positive image for African diaspora in Europe and mobilize the capacity and resources of African diasporans for economic development in Africa. With “Building Bridges” as its motto, AfroEuro builds and facilitates understanding and learnings between developed economies and Africa. AfroEuro subscribes to the NEPAD principles and works in collaboration with African diaspora professionals and networks, governments, and youth towards Africa’s participation in global health, economy, commerce and trade. We also bridge the gap between the African diasporans and their host countries in Europe by promoting policy influence, empowerment, education, capacity building and knowledge and transfer.

Vision Statement

Our vision is a world where African Diaspora is empowered, transformed and engaged as development actors for discerning gains at home and abroad.


We are a development organization aimed at challenging the conventional thinking of international development by mobilizing the power of African professionals for development in Africa and the Netherlands. We work to find practical, innovative ways to help people thrive, drawing on the strength, expertise and experience of the African diasporans.

We promote transformative and lasting changes in health, education and trade and investment for the benefit of Africans by our four-pronged approach:

• Strengthening the capacity of African diaspora professionals and networks for engagement and development, bridging the `capacity gaps between the North and the South.
• Facilitating opportunities through expert meetings and forums, remittance-based investments, knowledge generation and sharing
• Influencing policy making to strengthen the links between migration, health and development.
• Creating platforms for dialogue and effective participation of Africans in the Dutch society.