Netherlands-Ghana Business Fair Report 2020

Dutch Parliament meeting on Netherlands Business Fair, January 24-28, 2020

This report gives a brief overview of the meeting which took place on January 24-28 at the Dutch Parliament in The Hague, Netherlands as part of the Netherlands Business fair.  

Townhall Meeting with H.E. Ron Strikker

Royal African Durbar 2017

The Royal African Durbar 2017 is a multi-day festival, which celebrates African culture and aims to bring people from different cultural backgrounds together. This year’s edition will have a special focus on youth, integration and education.

Netherlands-Ghana Business Fair 2017 Report

The Netherlands Business Fair 2017 was a three day collaborative event organised from the 10th May to 12th May 2017. The event was organised under the theme, “Growing together the way to go” was held at the New World Campus Spaarneplein 2 in The Hague, Netherlands

Royal African Durbar 2016

De kracht van diversiteit

Gender & Remittances

Contribution of Ghanaian women and men in remittance and their role in community development in country of origin

African Royal Durbar 2015

De kracht van diversiteit

Onderwijs voor Iedereen

Op veel plaatsen in de wereld moeten kinderen werken. Sommige kinderen hoeven alleen hun ouders te helpen in het huishouden, maar er zijn ook kinderen die moeten werken om geld te verdienen en zo eten te kunnen kopen.

Education for All

In many parts of the world children have to work for a living. For some it consists of helping with chores in the home, but for others it means having to earn money to ensure they have something to eat at the end of the day.

Learn4work campaign on Child Labour practices

Learn4work is a poverty reduction programme which aims at improving vocational education in Africa.

Food Security Project- Mid-term Report

The Food security report is being implemented by AfroEuro Foundation with support of other organizations and individual groups ..

Food Security Project 2012

The report gives a background of ongoing activities implemented during the second phase of the Food Security Project from January 2012 to February 2013.

Investment in Food Production

This programme is a workshop for Migrants and the Dutch community in the Netherlands.

AfroEuro Jeugd Verlag 2011

De visie van het AfroEuro Youth Project is om migrante jeugd te motiveren. Dat doen ze door middel van workshops en seminars.

Huiswerk Begeleiden Project

Het project geeft ondersteuning aan de opvoeding van Afrikaanse kinderen in Nederland, via samenwerking met de Afrikaanse migrantengemeenschap in Nederland.

Ghanafest 2011

Food Security Project – Buoko Ghana

This report gives an overview of the Food Security pilot project being implemented under migration and development program in 2010/ 2011.

Netherlands-Ghana Business Fair

Overview of the two day Netherlands- Ghana business fair in April 2011 in Netherlands (Almere and The Hague).

Netherlands Ghana Business Fair 2011

Development Through Engagement

Home Work Project (Huiswerk Begeleiden)

We support your efforts to build the learning capacities of your children. Let’s give them a better future together!

National Health Insurance Scheme

AfroEuro Foundations in collaboration with Bantama Mutual Health Insurance Scheme has introduced the National Health Insurance scheme in Europe for Ghanaian migrants

Report on the International Policy Conference

Summary report on the international policy conference on the global financial crisis and migrant remittances. March 21 2009, Geldmuseum – Utrecht

Ghana-Netherlands: Migration and Development Programme

AfroEuro Foundation is a media and development organisation created as a forum for African migrants in the European Union.

Awareness Raising and Engagement of Migrants in Local Community Development

Annual Activity Report Sept 2008 – Dec 2009

Workshop Remittances and Development: The Role of the African Migrant Community

Working Groups discussed impact, collective remittances, the corporate sector and the enhancement of remittance flow, issues of exchange rates, money transfer costs and export market for goods from developing countries and investing in country of origin.

The 5th Annual Feel at Home in The Hague

The 5th Annual Feel at Home in The Hague International Community Fair which took place on the 19th of September 2010 included the participation of Afroeuro Foundation and Meleya, who co-organised the Africa-Europe Enterprise Island of the fair.