The Netherlands-Ghana Online Business Conference

One of the most popular events in the business calendar this year is “The Netherlands Ghana Online Business Conference”, scheduled to be held on 13th March 2021. The event will be organized by AfroEuro Foundation.

The Netherlands Ghana Business Fair has been ongoing since 2010, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the event will be held virtually through an online conference meeting with delegations from Ghana and Netherlands. The event targets Dutch and Ghanaian Businesses as well as investors.

The mission for organizing this business conference is to build a bridge between the Dutch and Ghanaian Businesses and to provide a chance to know more about the latest products and services in the industry. Furthermore, the business fair aims to bring together industry professional, business experts of both countries at one place to discuss numerous trade issues, including business policies, plans, future market conditions, and market strategies. The Fair’s main feature is its capacity to provide participants with a plethora of information unavailable elsewhere and a multiplicity of benefits, including opportunities for networking, free business guide, efficient collection of business-related information of both countries to grow their businesses. The event provides an unmissable marketing opportunity for companies from both countries looking to raise their profile and promote their products and services to a receptive business audience. It is the only event where all aspirants interested in bilateral trade between both countries may meet. It also provides a direct link to numerous business opportunities; up to the present, a significant number of business deals have been concluded or found a fruitful conclusion afterward at the Business Fairs held earlier.

The Netherlands Ghana Business Fair will be organized in different phases. The first phase will be the Online Business Conference scheduled to take place on Saturday, 13th March 2021. All participants and interested businesses are welcome to register for free online. The first phase of the Fair will involve presentation by Dutch and Ghana Businesses, as well as presentation the Ghana Embassy in The Netherlands and Royal Netherlands Embassy in Accra, Ghana on updated policies on doing business in Ghana and the Netherlands and partnership formation.

The second phase of the business fair will involve presentation workshops afterwards focusing on specific sectors such as agriculture, trade and economic, housing, financial services and investment. In addition, there will be workshops to prepare local businesses on partnership preparation and negotiation for business purposes and business matchmaking.

All individuals and businesses with interest to be part in the Netherlands Ghana Business Fair are welcome to register online or they can contact us for more information and clarification.