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African Royal Durbar 2017

Royal African Durbar 2017

Royal African Durbar Festival 2017

The Royal African Durbar 2017 is a multi-day festival, which celebrates African culture and aims to bring people from different cultural backgrounds together. This year’s edition will have a special focus on youth, integration and education.

A brief history behind the ‘’Durbar’’

“Durbar” is an old West-African tradition, taken over from the Persians. Its true meaning is “the royal court.” In ancient times, Persian kings regularly held audiences for his subjects. Anyone who had a problem or a quarrel could turn to the king at his royal court (the Persian Derbar). The king heard the complaints of his subjects and ruled a judgment for those involved. With times the Persian Derbar became, not only a national tribunal, but also the connection between the ruler and his subjects.
The principle of the Persian Derbar is reflected in the West-African Durbar, whereby it is a meeting between the ruler and his subjects. Guided by drum music, dance and singing, the beautifully dressed king and queen, the tribal heads and the respectable elderly entered a place where the meeting takes place in a long procession. After that, many ceremonies take place in which singing and dance play an important role.
The Durbar is part of countless African holidays and festivals and is intertwined with several West African cultures. We would like to let the concept of the durbar play a binding role in bringing together different cultural groups.

The program outline

– African film screening will take place on the 24th of August 2017 (19:00-22:00) at Laak Theater(Ferrandweg 4T 2523 XT Den Haag). The film will be presented by iAfrica, an organisation who aims to create a platform for African film and art. On this evening, the following documentaries will be screened: Afripedia Ghana and Le Troisieme Vide (see link below for trailer). After each documentary, there will be a brief discussion about the topic. At the end of the film, we will have a reception, where we will get the chance to network.

African Film Screening
African Film Screening

– The Ubuntu market day will take place on the 26th of August 2017 (10:00-19:00) at Vermeerpark( Mijtensstraat 98, 2525 TX Den Haag). We will kick this day off with a sports event whereby teams from different cultural background will compete for a prize. The sports event will consist of a football and basketball tournament. After sports, the festival will be officially opened with great music, dance, food, royalty and many more. For the kids we have a bouncy castle, braiding-, and a Afrodance workshop, which is also for the adults. For a detailed program outline of this day, please check our Facebook page.

Let us come together and celebrate our rich African culture with dance, music, food, workshops and art.

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As part of the Royal African Durbar Festival 2017, Afroweekender brings to you the Ubuntu market day this August. Featuring vendors in Fashion, Food, Art, + Beauty & Skincare.

The market day will take place alongside the Main Stage of the Royal African Durbar festival which will host a number of musical performances and workshops.