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Africa Day, The Hague

The relationship between Europe and Africa goes back to ancient times, Europeans have their roots in Africa. Europe and Africa have developed a strong bond in the last centuries that is indispensable in our current society. Unfortunately, Europe has benefited more than Africa, which has prevented Africa from developing sufficiently. Today, Europe is often seen as the promised land, an area with “limitless” possibilities. In recent years, this migration has been going on a large scale and under dire circumstances (for example: the thousands of people trying to make the crossing to Europe by boat). In addition, Europe mainly sees the negative effects of a permanent influx of African-born citizens. In addition to economic motives, there are often political motives for coming and fleeing to Europe. In particular, middle management flees, or must flee, to better places, which makes building Africa a difficult task. Many Africans live and work in Europe and support their families and their country from here. In Africa the democracy of equal opportunities is developing, but is often hampered by explosive population growth, which makes economic development a huge challenge for all Africans. Despite all the frantic attempts to improve this, we have not yet succeeded in balancing the strong bond that binds both continents. We can only change this by focusing on sharing knowledge and experience, arranging trade between both continents with better financial conditions and tailoring the further development of Africa to the needs of Africans themselves. To strengthen the dialogue and the interconnection between various cultural and ethnic communities that are part of Dutch society, the International Ministers Platform (IMP) organizes in collaboration with the Morocco Institute, the AfroEuro Foundation, Vital Aid Foundation and the Mara Foundation on:

Thursday, June 13, 2019 from 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Migration Museum / Concordia, Hoge Zand 42, 2512 EM The Hague.

THEME: “How can the African diaspora contribute to the development of Africa (country of origin) and the Netherlands by setting up social and economic projects and contributing to the promotion of trade between Africa and the Netherlands”