The Black Youth in the Netherlands: Diversity, Identity and Role

Black History Month is an annual observance that originated in the United States, where it is also known as African-American History Month. The observance began as a way of celebrating people and events in the history of the African diaspora and has now become a celebration of the lives of black people around the world, no matter where they live.

Since its inception, Black History Month has expanded beyond its celebration in educational establishments and now regarded globally as a time when the culture and contributions of Africans take center stage in a variety of cultural institutions, including theaters, libraries and museums as well the business and political institutions. In 2010, Black History Month was celebrated in the Netherlands and was organized by the Association of Students of African Heritage (ASAH) in collaboration with the National Institute of Dutch Slavery History and Legacy (NiNsee).

This year, Afroeuro Foundation is organizing a discussion evening to highlight issues regarding black youth in the Netherlands. As we build an increasingly multicultural society, it is of essence to understand the impact social and cultural changes are having on black youth. The round-table discussion will feature political parties, activist groups such as the Black Lives Matter movement, youth leaders, youth leaders and the police department. The panel discussion will address pertinent questions, such as:

• The position of the political parties regarding building a stronger multicultural society where blacks, whites and people of other races will live in peace and harmony.
• Address challenges faced by black youth regarding difficulties securing internship opportunities and eventual employment.
• Addressing issues on policing, security and criminality within the black youth community.
• Addressing identity and cultural integration of black youth. In order to be feel Dutch, should the black youth give up their ancestral identity.

This month marks Black History Month in the Netherlands. It is an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the history, contributions, and achievements that black and brown people have made to our society and culture. The theme of the panel discussion is The Black Youth in the Netherlands: Diversity, Identity and Role and we are proud to have you join us in celebrating Black History Month.

About Us

With headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands, Afroeuro Foundation was started in order to build a positive image for African-European migrants living and working in the Netherlands. Our mission is to create a platform for inter-cultural exchange between people of African origin and their host nations. Over the years, Afroeuro Foundation has organized several community and entrepreneurial activities in line with the mission of the organization. Some activities include trade missions, the Royal African Durbar, a multi-day festival which celebrates African Culture and aims to bring different cultures together and the Netherlands-Ghana Business Fair. The annual business fair is a program that enables a vibrant environment to attract buyers and investors alike as well as showcases businesses from diverse sectors to facilitate idea-exchange and cooperation and strengthen Dutch and Ghana relation.