Afroeuro Foundation

Who We Are

AfroEuro Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization established in 2003. The organization seeks to build a positive image for African diaspora in Europe and mobilize the capacity and resources of African diasporans for economic development in Africa. With “Building Bridges” as its motto, AfroEuro builds and facilitates understanding and learnings between developed economies and Africa. AfroEuro subscribes to the NEPAD principles and works in collaboration with African diaspora professionals and networks, governments, and youth towards Africa’s participation in global health, economy, commerce and trade. We also bridge the gap between the African diasporans and their host countries in Europe by promoting policy influence, empowerment, education, capacity building and knowledge and transfer.

Many people in the diaspora hold a strong sense of loyalty to both their home nation and the one in which they live and work. They can be good development agents due to their knowledge, cultural affinities, and strong commitment. They can also be a source of innovation and entrepreneurship, so part of our mission is working to mobilize this potential for the development of Africa. Maximizing the linkages between migration and development is our ultimate goal.  AfroEuro Foundation has more than 20 years of experience, developing and implementing programs that connect diaspora to their places of origin. Through our strategies of capacity building, forums, policy and advocacy, platform development, we employ a multi-stakeholder, consultative, and participatory strategy to translate interest in diaspora participation into actual, sustainable action.


2023 Report

What We Do

Knowledge Center

Our four focus areas of work are education, health, trade & investment and culture and tourism. Our capacity building, conferences, policy dialogue and business events are aimed at promoting developments in these four areas.


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