Politics of Insult in Ghana

Politics of Insult in Ghana

BY: Godwin Owusu Frimping – Kumasi

You may argue since when did this phenomenon where politicians and their followers insulting themselves everyday become something new in Ghana politics?

Politics in Ghana has taken a new dimension from where issues and policies are disccused to where personalities are attacked.

It is gradually embracing the newbies to seeing it as the most lucrative business where one can make ends meet in a very colorful but a disgusting manner of insulting your opponent for a position, a prize, a praise, a commision or a salary.

Insult in Ghana politics has become the order of the day and unfortunately almost all the civil societies like the Peace Council, Christian Council, etc are mute.

One isn’t qualify to become an active politician if his tongue isn’t sharpened enough to verbally attack his opponent. Those who are oriented in discussing and interrogating issues and policies are gradually fading off the political terrain making way for those who can insult and attack their opponents.

Ghana, the country percieved as one of the most peaceful countries in the world is gradually losing its values with politics of insult.

About 85% politicians in Ghana today are believed to be fond of attacking themselves whenever they are given the opportunity.

Surprisingly, dissing and life threatening comments that are authored by these politicians are mostly endorsed by a cross section of the media particularly the radio and television across the country.

Issues and Policies that are of national interest are rarely given the headline and interrogated.

Intellectual minds are rarely sought for to help diggest and diagnose matters and policies of national interest.

The politician who has a limited understanding on a particular subject matter and is also noted for using vulgar words is always given the platform.

Whose fault is that?

Can the blame be laid right at the doorstep of the media?

Is the Ghanaian media endorsing mediocrity amongst these politicians who insult themselves?

Are you therefore surprise to seeing some of the final year students insulting the sitting President of the Republic Nana Addo Dankwah Akufu Addo?

Can you envisage where Ghana would be in the next twenty years if this politics of insult continues?