Situational Analysis of Covid-19 in Ghana

Situational Analysis of Covid-19 in Ghana

Beginning the year 2020 wasn’t as sweet as the new year resolutions had turned out to be.

It was widely anticipated that the deadly Corona Virus was going to have its bitter bite in Africa.  

Ghana, being a part of the continent was frightened and its leaders never ceased to receive bashing daily from its citizenry.

Questions about what its leaders had put in place to save lives should Covid-19 finds its way was predominantly dominating the Ghanaian airwaves.

This was as a result of comments and commentary made by some prominent personalities about the disease and how deadly it can be

Among the individuals who had raised concerns about Covid-19 and Africa preparedness was the wife of Bill Gate. She had long predicted that Covid-19 was going to wipe away a whooping number of lives in Africa should its leaders sit unconcern for the disease to find its way on their continent.

Some Health experts across the globe had equally come out to warn African leaders on the same matter.

Considerable amount of efforts put together by the world best epidemiologists to minimize the death toll in China where the disease had emerged had yielded a little relief of pains.

Whereas Chinese were in pains as its death toll kept soaring minutes by minutes, some well respectable individuals across the globe were equally making sarcastic comments.

Prominent amongst them was the US President Donald Trump. He had initially opined that the deadly Covid-19 was China’s, and that it wasn’t going to be given any serious attention and must be left for the people of China to fight its own battle.

The world had soon become a jungle. It was the fittest strongest strength to prove to the world that it can survive. Survival of the fittest has become order of the day.

The question was what would become of Africa? What would become their fate if their mighty donor partners are sinking? All eyes were on Africa.

The era of Ibola in 2014 soon came on mind. Some leaders in Africa during those days had no choice than to put preventive measures to curtail the spread of that disease that swept away thousands of souls on their continent.

Lessons learnt from ibola in 2014 in some parts of Africa especially West Africa were huge.

Ghana, even though wasn’t badly hit by ibola during those days, equally picked its lessons from it and subsequently prepared itself for any pandemic.

The government of the day led by President Akufu Addo must be given thumbs-up for their exemplary leadership in the fight against Covid-19.

Current official records from the Ghana Health Services suggest that daily case count on Covid-19 is gradually reducing as well as the death toll.

What is the secret? Very simple…… adhere to all preventive measures outlined by your Health experts. Eat Healthy balance diet and always wear your nose mask whenever you step out.

By: Godwin Owusu Frimpong