The Game’s Video Banned From MTV

10 May Print

The Game’s Video Banned From MTV

Rapper The Game’s video featuring Lil Wayne called Red Nation from his album The  R.E.D. was banned by television stations MTV and BET. The reason for the ban was due to the heavy allusions to gang related activities.

Censorship of artists has been a subject for debate for many years.  Television stations such as MTV, which can be regarded as the most popular music television network in the United States, has often come under criticism for being too politically correct and sensitive, censoring too much of their programming.

Forms of censorship include:  altering or removing scheduled shows, editing or altering material, moving a program to late-night rotation or, in most extreme situations, banning entirely from the channel.

Cases of censorship occur where artists present material with references to drugs, sex, violence, weapons, racism, homophobia, or advertising and swear words. Some examples are:

  • In the song “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston, the word “suicidal” was censored.
  • In Michael Jackson’s single “They Don’t Care About Us“, MTV has replaced the words “Jew me” and “kike me” with “do me” and “strike me” in the line “Jew me, sue me… kick me, kike me; don’t you black-or-white me”. Jackson argued that the song used the words to describe prejudice and that it was poor judgment to select Jewish people as explanatory words.
  • We Are All on Drugs” by Weezer had every lyric with the words ‘on drugs’ altered to ‘in love’. This resulted in the lyrics not matching the words mouthed by the music video actors. Also, during part of the video, a newspaper was shown with the song title used as the headline. This was completely censored.
  • The song “Hip Hop Is Dead” by Nas was censored when the lines “I’ll put an extended clip inside of my AK” were changed to “I’ll put an extended clip and body ’em all day”. The lines “murder the DJ” were also changed to “wreck the DJ”.
  • Poker Face” by Lady GaGa has the words “Russian Roulette” and “gun” cut out completely without being replaced by other lyrics. This is also the case later in the video when the word “muffin” is cut out without being replaced.
  • Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot has the lyrics “dial 1-900” censored.
  • Who’s Real” by Jadakiss has the word “eights” (referring to 28-inch tire rims) censored.
  • Guilty Conscience” by Eminem featuring Dr. Dre contains lyrics like “leave her on the front porch” and “slip this in her drink” that were censored out on MTV, as well as the murder at the end.

The Game intends on personally premiering the video online on Thursday. The rapper also noted that his video “One Blood” was also banned but that it was later aired on TV after it received 1 million views on Youtube.


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