Netherlands – Ghana Business Fair

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Netherlands – Ghana Business Fair

About: The aim of the Netherlands-Ghana Business Fair is to provide three days of multiple activities aimed at boosting business awareness for businesses operating in Netherlands and Ghana. The two countries have historical ties, and our aim is to turn these ties in 21st century economic era, as win-win strategy focusing on business promotion, exhibitions, exchanges of best practices, market creation and matchmaking which will lead to enormous mutual benefits for both countries.

The program aims to promote The Netherlands’ development agenda in relation to Southern countries at different levels where it engages the private sector to seek opportunities and invest in Sub-Saharan Africa. The concept of trade for aid has gained currency both at the corporate, nonprofit and governmental levels. It also aims to promote integration (cultural and economic) between Ghana and the Netherlands. Focus will be on youth employment, Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME), development through match-making, joint ventures etc. This will enable Ghanaian companies to identify their partners to either access its funding/capital, partnerships formation, technology, innovation possibilities, and markets or venture operations which will yield return on investments for both parties.

The business fair will focus on the following sectors: agri-business, information and communication technology / eCommerce, housing/real estate and renewable energy / water management.

The Netherlands-Ghana Business Fair aims to:
◾Contribute to Africa’s growth through socio-economic development
◾Strengthening the Private sector
◾Promote business partnership between Ghana and Netherlands
◾Recognize key opportunities and challenges in both countries with focus on integration
◾Sharing & exhibiting cross country business services and products
◾Stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit between the two countries with focus on opportunities for youth development in employment and MSMEs (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises).
◾Aiding Dutch companies to consider Ghana as gate way to West Africa business market
◾Working with Dutch companies in understanding alternative business processes that work more effectively in Ghana
◾Open market opportunities for Dutch companies in Africa using Ghana as a case study
◾Network with key major sources of business capital for Ghanaian businesses
◾Understanding the social, economic and political framework affecting business in Ghana and The Netherlands
◾Gain insights into developing countries’ business practices and their positioning in this new global market place
◾Contribute to poverty reduction in Ghana


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