Growth, Principles and Maturity, how and why.

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Growth, Principles and Maturity, how and why.

“I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘This the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.”-Leonardo da Vinci


“FRAGILE” is the best word to describe the characters of today’s young ones! Closely observed today we have numerous followers rather than leaders!  Attributes such as innovation, creativity, leadership and more needs to be taught and inculcated rather than self-developed among the lads.


These are the effects of living in a group and taking up a group identity as the identity of the self rather than having individuality or principles in life. Take a test, if you have a group of students, instruct them to speak up or present an idea in front of the others.


First thing up, they avoid the challenge and resistance to take such initiative. At worst they tend to back off and push their friend forward who eventually does the same!


When wondering why this happens, it comes to mind that this is due to unavailability of understanding or knowing the self, this then results to the lack of self-principle and confidence which are the sustaining tools of the self!


One should always have the above said qualities in a cluster to build up the character of the self and through that they would develop a way of thinking and a way of carrying themselves. A good mixture of all these creates charismatic leadership quality and a great personality which is lacking among many adolescents of today.


Unfortunately today, the educational system emphasizes more on grading which only contributes to routine learning and parents or the significant others related in parenting are more prudent towards academic achievement rather than character development among adolescents.

A greater maturity among the youth will enable them become much aware of their surrounding and give them the right to make informed choices. Maturity can also enable the youth to treat other people with respect and dignity as they would like to be treated. Again it will enable them contribute more to the development of society and become agents of change within their various communities.


The youth must understand the basic values of life and develop principles for themselves and learn to stand firm in their principles. Only when this happens, would they have character and the other related attributes of becoming leaders, creative and so on.

This overall brings forth maturity and a well-balanced developed youth who can be able to sustain themselves towards being a charismatic leader or personality. Acquiring only knowledge is not an indicator of having balanced mental development, but building up a character along with the knowledge contributes to “mutual development”. This means having a dictionary and the ability to use a dictionary are two different things.


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Written by Suren

Edited by: Abena Bemah

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