Andropause, the Male Menopause

25 October Print

Andropause, the Male Menopause

Most people are aware that menopause is exclusively for women. But there is also andropause for every male often above fifty years with serious hormonal changes in the body. Some argue that andropause could occur between 40 to 55 years; but it could also begin as early as 35 years or as late as 65 years.


Andropause is conveniently used to describe the stage in life when systems of aging appear in men. By mid fifties, about 30 percent of men experience andropause. It is a change in life in middle age men. The changes which occur with andropause could be hormonal, physical, psychological, interpersonal, social, sexual and spiritual.


Andropuase is attributed to the sharp drop of testosterone which is essential for sexual life for men, and also determines the health of a man. Too strong decrease of testosterone can lead to heart disease, muscle problems, osteoporosis and nervous disorders.


The top symptoms of andropause are sharp drop in energy and vitality, depression, sweating hot flashes, decreased libido and erectile dysfunction, fatigue and poor concentration /memory. Men within this period unintentionally get more belly fat. Other potential symptoms are aches and pains, aches and pains, loss of height, sleep disturbance and decreased mass muscles. The period also comes with lack of ambition often leading to depression.


The natural solution to the effect of andropause includes regular exercise, customized eating and drinking as well as use of dietary supplements.

Research shows that the more fat cells a man has, the more testosterone he is most likely to convert into female estrogens. Soy products are very good and health for testosterone levels to rise to acceptable level.


In severe instances, anrdopause is treated through a therapy with replacement of testosterone. It’s important to consult the physician also for advice. Interestingly, men often notice benefits of testosterone replacement therapy within 2-4 weeks. Benefit from testosterone include reduced fatigue, improved quality of sleep, improvement in mood and sense of well being, increased energy, increased body mass, muscle strength and bone density. There is also the increased male libido or male sex drive.



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