What Are The Best Chinese Herbs For Boosting The Immune System?

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What Are The Best Chinese Herbs For Boosting The Immune System?

Traditional Chinese herbs and the Chinese medicinal formulas have a long history associated with it. Till date, Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas have been doing a fairly well for the overall health and benefit of the human body and mind, and the best has been its role in developing the immune system.

There are people who have been suffering from a lower immune system and tend to fall sick. Such people require immunity boosters in appropriate doses from time to time. Of all the powerful Chinese herbs that we have seen so far, the best remains the 3 famous herbs:

– Reishi

– Astragalus

– Cordyceps

Boost Your Immune System with Reishi

Reishi is derived from reishi mushrooms, which is now used as a traditional Chinese herb for the treatment of various conditions. As per science, reishi helps in resolving a number of illnesses by improving the functions of the organ systems.

After a lot of research conducted by the scientific community it was found that reishi has 6 variations in colors, but it belonged to the same species. All the 6 colors were grown from one particular gene that possesses bio-active properties, anti-tumor properties and excellent properties to stimulate the immune system. It has anti-cancer, anti-allergic and antiviral values as well.

It is the bio-active properties components of this herb that makes it a potent immune system enhancing supplement. Reishi has inherent abilities to restore the effectiveness of cytokine system. It further enhances the Natural Killer or NK cell activity as well. It helps in improving blood circulation, decreases serum cholesterol and serum glucose and relives nausea of chemotherapy as well.

Astragalus for a Balanced Immune System

Astragalus is native to the Asian nations. It is one particular Chinese herb that has innumerable health benefits. However, the major benefit of Astragalus lies in the fact that it helps in striking a balance- a balanced and toned immune system can be achieved with the use of Astragalus.

Astragalus contains generous amounts of polysaccharides that help in increasing the activities of different types of immune system cells, such as T-lymphocytes and macrophages. It stimulates almost all the parts of the immune system and enhances its activities.

Astragalus is known to work directly in the bone marrow, which is the part of the body where the immune cells are developed. It also works in the lymph tissues and stimulates its growth into the active immune cells, thus releasing the stronger cells into the body.

Astragalus offers a long-term treatment; the capability of the herb to build the immune system would take months to show results. Long-term use of the herb would increase the spleen cell activities and help in building the overall immune system as well.

Cordyceps and the Immune System

The best effect of Cordyceps has been observed by Chinese and Japanese scientists in the recent times. It belongs to the class of the traditional Chinese herbs that have a long history associated with it. Derived from the extracts of fungus and mushrooms, once Cordyceps is extracted, it can then be refined to form a healthy supplement. It attaches the pathogens and helps in tonifying the immune system.

Cordyceps also increases the cellular activity of patients by almost up to 74%. It increases the number of natural killer cells and boosts their activities too. It protects the body against viruses and bacteria.

Overall, these are the three major Chinese tonic herbs that help in boosting the immune system and improve the overall health functions.To learn more about these amazing tonic herbs, please visit Hyperion Herbs at http://hyperionherbs.com.


About The Author – Brandon Daemon is a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine as well as a Health Education and avid blogger.To learn more about these amazing tonic herbs, please visit Hyperion Herbs at http://hyperionherbs.com.

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