Tips for Dental Health

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Tips for Dental Health

Dental health is vital for your tooth as well as for your body health. If you don’t focus on the dental hygiene, your mouth will accumulate many bacteria which will enter into your internal organs and cause more serious disease to your whole body.

In traditional Chinese medicine theory, tooth has a close relationship with visceral organs. Some dental diseases such as gums bleed and loose teeth have close links with kidney and spleen. Then how to maintain dental health?

Here we will introduce you with some useful tips:

External actions you can do

1. Brush your teeth twice: This is the first commandment of dental health. Brushing your dentition is of capital importance to dental hygiene. You should brush your teeth twice daily preferably in the morning and just before sleeping. It is also very important to brush teeth in a right way. Incorrect brushing is as good as no brushing. So, make sure you learn how to accurately brush your teeth and adhere to it.

2. Use a mouth wash: Using a mouth wash ensures great breath. Ancient Teeth Powder is made up of Chinese herbal medicine which is used to wash and maintain teeth by ancient Chinese nobles and can be used for daily tooth brushing and dental care. Because the traditional Chinese medicinal materials in the powder are good to kidney, spleen and other organs, the powder has a good effect on gums bleed, loose teeth, soft teeth, dental calculus and other dental disease. It can maintain the teeth and keep the teeth healthy if you persist. Smear the powder on tooth root in the morning, then gargle with cold water. This only take you only one minute and effectively solve all your dental disease.

3. Dental floss will remove food particles lodged in between your teeth in those areas that, for one reason or another are just inaccessible to your brush. It may not be your fault, more a layout error at design stage in your mouth! Still, it’s no excuse to let your dental health suffer in this way.

4. Regular visits to dentist: The dentist is a qualified person who can detect problems in their beginning stages and treat them. Early identification of dental problems means that there is early treatment which prevents the problem from increasing further. Also, the more advance a dental issue becomes, more traumatic the treatment is and you will end up paying more for it.

5. Stop smoking: Apart from having deleterious affects on the body, smoking has a great impact on the oral cavity. The most observable of these is the foul odor coming out of the mouth which is also known as smoker’s breath. The smoke contents deposit on the teeth surface forming hard deposits which need to be removed by dental cleaning. Smoking also increases risk for oral cancer.

See what you can do during your dinner to keep dental health!

1. Celery: teeth cleaning machine Celery contains a lot of rough fiber. it’s found that when old man  masticate celery, based on the mechanical friction with tooth, it can wipe the bacteria adhered to the teeth, thereby reducing plaque formation. Tip:  Cut the celery and carrots into adult finger size of bars,  boil them in boiling water pot, then put it in cold boiled water until they are absolutely cold. Chewing them can massage your gum.

2. Cheese: repair teeth damage Cheese is not only the good source of calcium, it can also play other teeth protective effect. Australian dental association shows that besides of rich calcium, phosphor and other teeth nutrients, cheese still contains unique casein which can effectively prevent plaque formation, repair the damaged tooth. In addition, the cheese also stimulates the production of saliva, and balance the oral cavity acidic environments, restrain bacterial growth and consolid tooth germ. Tip:You can do a tomato cheese sandwiches in breakfast. 2 slices of whole wheat toast, 1 piece of 3 centimeters thick tomato and 1 slice low-fat cheeses.

3. Onion: teeth bacteria “killer” The sulfur compound in onion can kill several kinds of bacteria, including the streptococcus mutans which causes our tooth decay. the fresh raw onion has the best effect. Tip:  Eat a half of raw onion everyday can not only prevent tooth decay, but also helps to lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease and improve immunity. You can also clip some shredded raw onions in Hamburg or sandwiches.

Hope you have a good dental health.
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