U.S Experiences Severe Heat Wave

22 July Print

U.S Experiences Severe Heat Wave

The United States, particularly with the Central and Eastern parts of the country , is experiencing high temperatures of about 44 C (110 F) which has lead to the loss of about 22 lives. The National weather service has warned that the heat and humidity is quite dangerous and it will be expected to continue until Sunday.  Close to 50 per cent of the population are now under heat advisory.

Mr. Douglas Holmstrom, a 67 year old business man and a cattle farmer tells the BBC that its important for construction workers to keep under the shade so as not to burn their hands and start working early within the day. Mr. Holmstrom

Meanwhile, in cities, asphalt and concrete pavement and buildings “re-radiate” the heat.”There’s no good place to be,” Mr Jacks said. Heat is “the number one weather-related killer” in the US.

Across the central and eastern US, people and animals alike are struggling to keep cool amid the oppressive heat and humidity.

As the heat peaks in major population centres in the east coast, the number of deaths is expected to rise.

Mr Jacks said the combination of high heat and high humidity makes it hard for the human body to cool itself – because sweat does not evaporate efficiently.

In Minnesota – a northern state known for its frigid winters – farm livestock died from heat stress at a rate not seen in three decades, the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper reported. Turkeys were hit especially hard, the paper reported.

In South Dakota, as many as 1,500 head of cattle have died in the heat, state veterinarian Dustin Oedekoven told Reuters.

Urban areas have opened cooling centres for the poor and elderly and the National Weather Service has warned people in normally cool areas to be especially cautious.

Philadelphia has deployed police officers to manage hot, irritated overflow crowds at the city’s public swimming pools.



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