Dutch Cucumbers the Cause of German Deaths?

31 May Print

Dutch Cucumbers the Cause of German Deaths?

According to the European Commission the cause of the outbreak of the virulent form of the E.Coli bacteria, EHEC which resulted in the deaths of 14 people in Germany and the sickness of hundreds lies in a batch of Dutch cucumbers.

The Dutch Food safety body disagrees. The Telegraaf reported that the body examined the grounds where the suspicious produce grows, but found no evidence to support the beliefs of the commission.

This outbreak has hit produce growers particularly hard. The Netherlands produces 1605 million cucumbers every year, of which the half is exported to Germany. The sales of this produce bring in an estimated 8 million Euros in this season according to the Financieele Dagblad (Financial Magazine).

A spokesman for a growers’ organization based in Limburg, which represents 65 cucumber growers, told the paper exports have practically halted.

The food retail group CBL said sales of cucumbers in the Netherlands have not been affected. ‘Dutch consumers are more sensible,’ the organization said.

The cause for the outbreak has not yet been found.

People are advised to avoid cucumbers and other raw vegetables until more is known about the outbreak.

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