The Richest Black Man in the World

25 May Print

The Richest Black Man in the World

Author: Celina Eno

Many people consider Africa to be poor and needy, but some of the richest men in the world come from that continent. It is unimaginable to think that the world’s biggest gainer in business terms comes from Africa. Nigerian tycoon Aliko Dangote, whose fortune is worth 13.8 billion dollar, is the richest man in Africa. The Aliko Dangote’s fortune surged 557 per cent in the past year, from 436 positions to 51 in 2011, making him the world’s biggest gainer in percentage terms and Africa’s richest individual for the first time. Yet all we get about Africa is most often bad news, whereas the continent is endowed with riches.

Africa is a continent with countless resources that are exported to foreign countries whose marketers pay Africans very little price to get good marketable products from the continent. Some of the cash cows in Africa are: African oil, African diamonds, African gold, African uranium, platinum, chrome, and gems such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies, as well as food stuffs such as cocoa, the ever useful cotton plant, edible oils and numerous other commodities.

Countries such as Ivory Coast always had battles because of the diamond embedded in the country. Many other African countries have resources that can make the whole nation very rich, but selfish leaders who manage the economy sell these resources to developed countries and live in affluence from money that should go to all citizens.

The problem with the riches in Africa is the way it is managed and divided. In Nigeria for instance, there are people worth billions whose neighbors have nothing to eat. This is a disparity that is not very common in developed countries. In the Netherlands for instance, people do get money even when they stay home, this is because the government has created a way to collect money indirectly from those who are working to pay those who are not employed.

There is hope for Africa though, if Mr. Dangote can become the richest man in Africa, so can all those reading this article. All that is needed is determination, innovative thinking, hardworking, a spirit of optimism and opportunity. Once Africans learn to grasp opportunities presented to them by not limiting themselves to accepting financial aid from abroad, then they can have more billionaires like Mr. Dangote.alik

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