Seasons in Reverse? Hot Springs & Rainy Summers

11 May Print

Seasons in Reverse? Hot Springs & Rainy Summers

The Netherlands is experiencing the driest spring it has ever had in years.

The current dry weather may persist for several weeks, but quickly rising water temperatures in the North Sea my cause rainfall activity to increase. Meteorologists predict that the rainfall will be restored to average by mid-July, and that brisk showers may be a strong possibility.

Still this may be a case of too little, too late for some farmers and conservationists that are heavily reliant on wet weather. Meteorologists say that the rainfall predicted for early days of the summer will not be sufficient to counterbalance the shortage of precipitation.

The pattern of an arid and hot spring that flows into summer is becoming more prevalent in Dutch weather as a result of global warming. Global warming will also cause a significant increase in summer showers in the second half of summer. These are often rainstorms that can involve local flooding.

June will likely be the perfect vacation weather, with clear skies, lots of sun and few rain showers.

In July temperatures will rise a bit but the summer weather will remain unpredictable, with an increasing chance of precipitation.

The month of August brings with it a greater likelihood for summer floods. Last year August, almost three times the monthly average rainfall fell. Although the rainfall activity is likely to increase towards the end of the summer this year, experts predict that this will not be as frequent as last year.


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